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Planning, management, control and optimization of processes

Our integrated management system is not only a planning, management and control tool, but also a tool for optimizing primary processes and complementary services that we apply to our managed and unmanaged plants

The quality system QS has been developed with reference to the European standards UNI ISO 9001 and UNI ISO 13485 for quality and UNI ISO 14971 for risk management


  • Creation of a manual describing the operating and quality procedures
  • Preparation of operational procedures: documentation, records, audits, internal audits, non-compliance checks, corrective actions, preventive actions
  • Provision of technical procedures
  • Traceability
  • Staff training with the preparation of individual training files

Risk management

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk control
  • Information on Post-production

We apply the PDCA method: PLAN – DO – VERIFY – ACT

to achieve the maximum efficiency of our quality system, and for ensure this performance, an audit of the processes and system is periodically performed.


The HCS Audit :

  • Strategic Audit: assess the level of application and efficiency of business processes. Management of eventual deviations.
  • Operational audit: verification of the adequacy, regularity, reliability of the management systems, processes and procedures in relation to the objectives set.
  • Compliance audit: Verification of the compliance of the entire management system with internal procedures, laws and regulations for the implementation of corrective measures.
  • IT audit: verification of the reactivity and reliability of the IT systems used
  • Program or project audit: verify the implementation of programs and projects related to training plans and projects related to the provision of new services.

The results of the HCS audit are periodically evaluated by the general direction, during examination activities of the management system.

The HCS Audit ensures that the QoS is aligned in a consistent way:

  • To the needs of our clients, legislative requirements, business needs, strategic and operational
  • To the continuous improvement in achieving objectives without wasting resources

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