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Prevention in the field of health care requires consistently correct behavior of health professionals and all those who frequent these environments. Ignorance of the rules or inattention, can lead to incorrect behavior, potential cause of transmission of pathogenic bacteria and ICA.

ICA – Infections related to the assistance are infections that are contracted during hospital care or in other areas such as long-distance residential structures, external consultations, dialysis, outpatient surgery or home care.

The risk of infection does not only affect the assisted professionals but also health professionals, medical staff, students, volunteer service staff, visitors.

ICAs are the most widespread and serious complication of health care. According to the world’s first World Health Organization report.

And are the cause of:

  • A long stay in the hospital,
  • A long-term disability,
  • Greater resistance to micro-organisms antimicrobials,
  • A huge additional financial burden for health systems, high costs for patients and their families
  • Excess of dead

50% of infections are related to the surgical site, invasive procedures and favorable conditions

Prevention and control of ICAs are essential interventions for the protection of health.

About 40 to 60% of SSI can be avoided.

At HCS, we train health personnel, medical and auxiliary to correct behavior, according to certified internal procedures, to prevent and fight ICA by promoting HYGIENE, ASEPSI, SECURITY.

Our guidelines:

  • Wear gloves and clothing in microbe-resistant fabric
  • A good hand washing
  • Knowledge of the most appropriate disinfectants and their correct use
  • The use of appropriate antimicrobial measures

At HCS, WE OFFER STERILIZATION SERVICES for all surgical instrumentation for the operating rooms, implementing the best practices for sterilization and disinfection of the instrument.

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