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Eco technology and sustainable technologies to improve the environmental impact of the production process.

The ISO 14001 certification, obtained in Italy by SoGeSi SpA, is the cultural and scientific context that we intend to use in HCS to provide to our customers, a structured system for managing the environmental aspects and impacts of production sites.

The certification allows you to analyze and keep under control each phase of the production process, from the input of materials in the factory, to the shipping, with particular attention to:

  • Economy of consumption of water and energy;
  • Containment of the thermal dissipation;
  • Savings in management and maintenance with the choice of high quality equipment/facilities and components, of reliability and of long service life;
  • Recyclability;

Innovation must already take place at the time of structural and technological investments, with systematic and constant reduction of energy and water consumption, and minimizing the production of waste.

Ecological choices are also made in the choice of detergents and their distribution systems, with complete elimination of waste and polluting emissions for an ideal end result.

For us, reliability and continuity of production activities are essential, offering to the customer a service always at the cutting edge of technology and without risk of interruption.

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