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Our value comes from the competence of our collaborators

To achieve the goal, it is essential to train staff on an ongoing way

HCS aims to maximize the skills of each individual operator, by perceiving individual characteristics such as knowledge and skills, improving them to reach the highest level of competence in the industry.

Our training proposal:


Staff are trained on all aspects of the business process where they will be involved, and educated about the reference procedures and regulations of the industry. The operator will become part of the production cycle and will respond to the expectations of health facilities.


At HCS, our training courses include a theoretical part and a practical part.

The theoretical part aims to provide the following skills:

  • Business and IT organization,
  • Relational and communication,
  • Management, organization and problem solving,
  • Hygiene, microbiology, sterilization process and specific regulations

The end of the theoretical training is followed by a test to evaluate the good acquisition of informations.

The practical part, provides training “on fields” or by introduction into specific realities of work.

New employees will be assisted in the initial phase by one or more tutors to acquire specific knowledge. Under the constant supervision of a superior, the subject becomes competent and autonomous. The proper execution of their tasks and the speed to resolve problematic situations are the characteristics of an employee appropriately trained.


The continuous updating of the operator in order to adapt his skills to the technological and regulatory developments of the industry, is a characteristic of our training policy. In this way, you have a competitive advantage to achieve a high level of performance. The professional figures that we train, rapidly increase their capacity and feel an integral part of the society.

We refer to the professional training in the field of sterilization and the logistics in the operating rooms, to the directives of the European Forum for Sterile Hospital Supply  (EFHSS) of Higher School of Technical Medicine (SSMT) of Switzerland (Lugano), in collaboration with the Swiss Society of Hospital sterilization (SSH), the Moroccan Society of sterilization (SMS) and the new Gabonese society of sterilization (SMS)

At HCS we can program and carry out training activities also for health facilities where we do not work directly, providing our teachers and scientific advisors.

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