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Health technologies in the development phase and evaluation of their possible impact on health services in clinical terms and in terms of management.

HCS has studied the development of the latest generation technology of intelligent computerized cabinets. This innovative study provides centralized management of all equipment dedicated to operating theaters and interventional radiology rooms (angiography, neuroradiology, hemodynamics) through the preparation of mobile trolleys with specific drawers for each intervention, containing the drug kits and medical devices, including the necessary instrumentation previously standardized.

All products are identified by codes and constant monitoring before, during and after.

The objectives of the improvement:

  • Fluidity in warehouses and stocks management, simplifying control and clinical reporting;
  • Control of consumption;
  • Timely availability of medical equipment and devices;

Important Results for Clinical Control and Risk Management :

  • Evaluation of the opportunity;
  • Security alerts and product recalls;

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