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From surgical covers of the room to the supply of complex custom packs

The products that we offer to our customers vary of the surgical coverage of the rooms (for patients, surgical teams and the accessories in the room) to the provision of complex custom packaging comprising of instruments, gauze, containers and drugs.

HCS Services:

As a qualified and reliable partner, we offer to our customers support in choosing the best devices for each type of intervention. The presence of highly experienced specialists can compose the most appropriate kit for the surgical procedure and ensure the perfect management of the patient cover, and team, while respecting the highest safety standards.
The TNT, the adhesive edges and the engraving films used, guarantee high technology standards in accordance with the international regulations of the sector.

  • Inventory management software, specific to the sterile materials sector and integrable with any management information system of operating rooms for maximum traceability of the process;
  • Quality guaranteed by international suppliers with an experience approved in the industry;
  • Presence of the best specialists in HCS products;
  • A training program both theoretical and in the field (easy to learn), developed with experienced surgical procedures staff, to facilitate their use;
  • Continuous updating throughout the supply period;
  • Guaranteed maximum support for healthcare professionals using disposable HCS devices;
For an effective and efficient choice of the necessary coverages for the field of operation, the following elements must be taken into account:
  • The duration of the intervention;
  • The quantity of organic liquids and/or washing liquids;
  • The dimension of the field of operation;
  • The comfort of the patient;
  • The safety of medical staff;

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