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Ensure continuity of performance to maintain patient health

The good conception of a plant today depends on several factors besides the size of the health facility: the analysis of the number of interventions, the distribution of clinical performances in the different services, the growing trend of outpatient surgery.

HCS designs and builds production units that meet the basic principles of safety, performance and well-being.

Our central project, concentrates in one place all the equipment and machinery needed to carry out the sterilization activities, thus allowing us to gain many benefits such as:

  • Safety and hygiene of the materials provided;
  • The high performance of men, equipment and machinery;
  • The physical and psychological well-being of the staff;
  • An economy of scale in the initial and management costs;
Our HCS team is made up of experienced professionals, such as hygienists, engineers and biologists, as well as specialized technicians, who put their skills at your disposal to:
  • Precise site inspections of existing structures with risk analysis;
  • Calculate the needs in terms of equipment;
  • Conception et layout;
  • Furnishing;
  • Certification of the central;

We always do the study , and the division of the zones in order to adhere fully to the international requirements. It is fundamental in organizing the structure to separate work into three distinct areas with two barriers:


By adopting this structural model, we obtain reliable results and reduce significantly the risk of material contamination and staff errors.

We adopt the following criteria in the choice of technologies for the realization or the turnkey renovation of the sterilization units:
  • Provide high quality and latest generation technological elements, in full compliance with the regulations in force;
  • Achieve high system productivity;
  • Guarantee maximum reliability;
  • Achieve maximum of operating savings;
  • Ensure the highest level of security;

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