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Our goal is to create security performance in continuous improvement. We are aware of being responsible in the areas of activity we intend to develop, both for our staff and the health staff who use our products and services.

To build a strong safety culture, we use the experience gained by So.Ge.Si. SpA, which has put in place a management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001, thanks to targeted investments, to the optimization of modes of management, to the proper definition of roles and responsibilities.

Our general requirements allow you to :

  • Obtain a rapid assessment of the risks for safety and health in the workplace;
  • Identify the relevant legislative requirements, rules and regulations to which the company adheres;
  • Establish health and safety goals by identifying priorities;
  • Implement preventive and corrective actions, monitoring, audit and revision to ensure compliance and effectiveness of the safety management system;
  • Adjust the setting of your system to changes that may occur inside and outside the organization;

Our experience also allows us to implement the system in production facilities unmanaged directly, providing consultants and trainers.